Our  Tram - Café was made in 1962 in Nuremberg, car model GT6. Until 2007 it was used by the Municipal Transport Company in Krakow. Krakow entrepreneurs, owners of Jordan Group and Przewłocki Company, wishing to enrich tourist offer of the city, came up with the idea of a mobile café. Initially, the Tram functioned mainly as a tourist attraction, with time it has become a well-known Krakow café-bar on rails. Currently, the Tram - Café is the only type GT6 tram that travels around Krakow and Nowa Huta.


                    GT6 before renovation                                                           GT6 the Tram – Café 

Our Orient Express has already impressed many visitors, both foreign and Polish tourists, lovers of rail vehicles, as well as many local artists. The historic Tram - Café is rented for various events, corporate and private, for example: transfers of wedding guests, transfers of conference participants, anniversary parties, stag and hen parties, a unique photo shooting, and even romantic marriage proposal.

In 2010 the Tram promoted the city of Przemysl by travelling around Krakow with a brave Soldier Svejk and Przemisia - the mascot of the city of Przemysl. Passers-by were invited to take a ride during which films about Przemysl - its history, culture and ways of development in the future, were shown. In 2011 we organized a trip for the winners and finalists of the 27th review of Amateur Artistic Cabaret (PAKA). Since 2009 we have joined  various charitable initiatives including "Mimo Wszystko" - the Foundation by Anna Dymna, by organizing an annual "Enchanted Tram" for the people of Krakow. We have recently had the honor of joining the organization of the 7th Charity Beer Tavern, where the main attraction of the auction was a trip around Krakow in the Tram - Café. In November 2012 we were also pleased to support the "Wampiriada" - blood donation campaign organized by the Independent Association of Students of the University of Economics and Regional Blood Donor Center in Krakow. With this action, we managed to collect more than 124 liters of blood. We are pleased that we were able to participate in so many great initiatives, and we believe that there are many more ahead of us.


           A brave Soldier Svejk and the company                                Volunteers of "Mimo Wszystko" Foundation

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